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About Us

How the Enlightened Warriors was founded

EWC brings together individuals, businesses, organisations, governments and countries who thought they had differences to work together towards a common outcome that benefits us all collectively and the greater good.

Originally a group of us completed a course that tested our mental, emotional, physical abilities & brought us in touch with our spirit & soul.

We would like to offer those who are looking to add value to society, to make a shift in consciousness & help these who truly need help to join us on this Adventure.

Together, we can make a real difference!

Our Introductory Course is coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

I haven’t completed the Enlightened Warriors Course – Can I still join?

Step 1

Yes—we do not exclude you!

I don’t like gambling – do I have to be a part of the lotteries syndicate?

Step 2

No—the lotteries syndicate subscription is optional

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