Our Members

Janet Carson aka Magenta Wildcat


Contact – [email protected]

Yin and Yang / Spiritual Leadership

Balance the male input with the female perspective of the situation. Teach meditations and guidance via yoga re alternative ways of creating harmony within oneself.

Andrew Danne aka Ice Otter

Contact – [email protected]

Technical Leadership, including hands-on delivery of systems

Research, Advise, Project manage and co-ordinate, best of fit products and systems for protection, usage, provisioning and deployment to enable the groups projects to be delivered for use to the targeted audiences.

Alexandru Dorel aka The Rising Phoenix

Contact – [email protected]

Technology and Innovation Leadership, Financial Leadership

Provide alternative wealth creation and preservation systems and opportunities for the individuals within the group to explore, and Free alternative energy systems.

Alister McDonald aka Burning Light


Contact – [email protected]

Group Leadership, Relationship Leadership, including internal and external

Call and chair Round Table meetings. Record and track actions to meet group objectives. Maintain and deepen relationships with Round Table members. Establish and deepen relationships with other likeminded individuals and groups.

Ross Pepper aka Warrior of Light


Contact – [email protected]

Education Leadership, including personal development (Landmark) and training in use of software, Marketing Leadership, Author, Public Speaker, Business and Personal Growth Expert

Since the first day Ross discovered personal development, the world was never going to be the same. Ross passionately believes learning the simple principles of life, should be a birth given right; whether from parents or schools – Life’s instruction manual should be in the hands of every man, woman and child from the day they are born.

Ross is a life-long learner, with a heavy focus on people and mindset. He loves applying that learning to marketing for business and for making a difference in people’s lives, through personal development and education. Equally comfortable 1-on-1 with the tough questions, or on stage leading a room, Ross’ lifelong mission is to impact the lives of others, so they can choose a life or true choice, freedom and happiness.

Ruth Posterino

Contact – [email protected]

Spiritual Truth Leader

Staying on track with your true self, Living your purpose, Living at cause, Reading intuition, Intuitive decision making.

Harsha Seneviratne aka Peaceful Lion


Contact – [email protected]

Visionary Creator

Harsha is a Visionary Creator who can see things from a high-level perspective. Harsha’s is a passionate idea’s person. If you need the creative spark to ignite a project to life – please include him into the discussion / meetings to move it forward fast.

Harsha is highly analytical in nature and also provides value directing the production of Video / Film and Social Media Networking. A Student of Life, and a Master of Learning, Harsha love delivering Training, Coaching and Connecting with People who value learning. Harsha understand that his nature is not in the detail, and values those who support him in this area.

Judi Venten

Contact – [email protected]

Vision Leadership

Learning more about it and understanding the lifeblood flowing through the group will help establish a Vision

Different people come from different perspectives, with different gifts and different ways of seeing and we can harness all of that and move things forward Focus on Vision and Mission. Prefer to empower and to educate, to give resources to people to help them exercise their own gifts rather than just to sustain them

Deb De la llana

Details to follow…